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Flexible Hose


Standard Union Type
  • Welding Type
  • Easy for installation, low cost
  • Standard Length: 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm
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  • Adjustment of Piping Misalignment
  • Absorption of Machine or Pump Vibration
  • Connection of Machine and Pipe
  • Prevention for Damage of Pipe and Equipment by Land Subsidence, Earthquake
  • This product is not used for purpose of torsion movement absorption.


  • Applicable Tube: STD
  • Nominal Dia: 8A~65A
  • Length: 200mm~10M
  • Please contact us about product length.


 1. Tube Stainless Steel
 2. Braid Stainless Steel
 3. Union FCMB, Stainless Steel
 4. Collar Stainless Steel
 5. Gasket Non Asbestos
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Product Variation

1. Ferrum Casting Malleable Black Fitting

– Applicable Fluid: Water, Oil, Air, Steam
– Operating temperature:-10~100℃

*Available up to 200℃ by changing the gasket. – Operating Pressure 0.1~1.0MPa 

* For higher temperature, please contact us.  

2. Stainless Steel fitting

– Applicable fluid: Water, Oil, Air, Steam, Chemical fluid
*Limited to fluids that do not corrode stainless steel.
– Operating temperature:-40~200℃

– Operating Pressure 0.1~1.0MPa

* For higher temperature, please contact us.

* Please select suitable union material according to usage conditions.


Spring Guard(GS)

Spring Guard(GS)

This spring gives more allowable bending radius and reduces the external bending stress.
ex.) NK-VN1000GS
Insulating Jackets/Glass cloth(GB)

Insulating Jackets/Glass cloth(GB)

This cover is made of glass fiber. It prevent heats from outside and inside.
ex.) NK-VN1000GB
Insulating Jackets/Aero flexs®(AF)

Insulating Jackets/Aero flexs®(AF)

This coating prevent dew condensation of hoses.
ex.) NK-VN1000AF
Underground Processing(UG)

Underground Processing(UG)

Carbon steel is coated by tar epoxy coating for corrosion-resistant, and braided hose is covered by the tapes not to enter foreign material between the carriers.
ex.) NK-VN1000UG

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