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Lever coupling type

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Ứng dụng

Adjustment of piping, Lateral deflection, Vibrational absorption, Angular rotation
*Do not torque the hose.

Đặc tính

Both end of lever coupling, this product is suitable for the filling of the mobile tank from a storage tank.
Applicable tube: STD, SA(Soft), CLT(Ultra soft)
Nominal Dia: 15~200
Length: 500mm~10M
*Please contact us about the length.
Applicable fluid: Water, Oil, Air, Steam, Chemical fluid,
*Limited to fluid that not use corrode stainless steel.
Operating temperature:-30~70℃(NBR Gasket) -20~180℃(FKM・PFA Gasket)
Operating Pressure 0.1~1.76MPa(Stainless steel)


①Tube Stainless Steel
②Braid Stainless Steel
③Ring Stainless Steel
④Nipple Carbon steel, Stainless Steel
⑤Coupling Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Alloy
⑥Plug Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Alloy
⑦Gasket Non Asbestos

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Spring Guard [GS]


This spring gives more allowable bending radiusand reduces the external bending stress.

Insulating Jackets/Glass cloth [GB]


This cover is made of glass fiber. It prevent heats from outside and inside.

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