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Daily use diesel engine fuel multi-flexible hose

Ứng dụng

Diesel engine raises, to absorb the vibration and pulsation. With a protect tube.

Đặc tính

Applicable fluid: Fuel
Maximum pressure: 1.0MPa
Maximum temperature: 180℃
Nominal diameter: 15〜50A(Flange type)
Standard: JIS, ANSI, JPI



①Ditection Nozzle Stainless Steel
②Inner Tube Fluororesin
③Flexible Tube Stainless Steel
④Heat-resistant Braid Glass Fiber
⑤Pressure-resistant Braid Stainless Steel
⑥Protect Tube Stainless Steel
⑦Flange Carbon steel, Stainless Steel

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Nominal diameter Axial displacement(mm)
4.5 7.5 12.0 15.0
Total length of flexible hose
20~50 300 500 800 1000
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